First off let me say: I dislike writing about myself unless it is to give an example of what – not (generally) – to do. I’m an economics graduate trying to make my way in the world of finance. Recently left a sale side job as an advisor to move to my first prop trading job, which I in turn left to get my Masters in Economics. I am a lifelong student of the market, I have a passion for finance, and am working towards a CFA designation. I enjoy investing along macro themes and in things I can understand – not many. Most of my trades are option trades based entirely on technical analysis. This is my first go at blogging – I understand it can help you become a better trader – and I am unsure of what I want from this blog.

Enjoy the read and remember I always appreciate feedback.


I consider myself an investor in value. I don’t spend my money with haste especially in companies or funds that are not supported by nice technical charts. I dabble in options and ETFs for trends. I love studying the futures and reacting/developing hypotheses. Through wins and losses, I’ve learned quite a lot about myself, my style, greed, and what my weaknesses are (this is obviously always evolving). Small Cap Mining companies are where I invest the majority of my long term acquisitions with a strong knowledge about manufacturing, materials, energy, and agriculture. Metals, Minerals, Agriculture, Oil, and Manufacturing are my favorite sectors, with some love for nanotechnology and ceramics.

A full time employed engineer with degrees in Mechanical and Materials Engineering and a Bachelors of Science in Life Sciences. Holds the rights to a number of personal patents and trade/study finance aggressively as a hobby, but hopefully develops into a future career.


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