A quick thought on the debt ceiling

I’d just like to start by saying this will likely offend some people. Having gotten that out of the way I would like to begin by pointing out that both parties, Democrats and Republicans are equally retarded but the Tea Party takes the cake. Everyone is busy playing politics while not giving a fuck about any of the consequences as long as they come out on top of the shit heap – incidentally what they have and continue to transform America into. I will now provide a brief rundown of the positions:

Well, we can cut some spending maybe, but in exchange we want to tax the fuck out of the rich – but not the rich people who contribute to our campaigns or the unions as they are good contributors too. In the mean time, lets pass a bunch of laws that cause a ton of uncertainty but let lobbyists influence us so the laws don’t actually fix any of the problems – did i mention tax the rich? Why can’t Americans understand that we need to pay some more taxes in these times just to dig ourselves out of the hole we are in? Oh right, we allowed the teachers union to destroy our public education system by making it impossible to fire incompetent teachers. In any case, lets tax the rich some more so we can spend on our pet projects and pander to unions with defined benefit pensions.

Well all I have to do is stall here and it will make Obama look really really bad – do I give a fuck that what I am asking for is unreasonable and impossible because it defies math a 12th grader could do (well not anymore because our schools suck but you get the point)? Of course not! What are you, one of those pro-homo pro-choice retards? I’ll just spend more time on TV than I do governing saying things like “Obama wants to tax job creators” and Americans will eat it up. What does it matter that I flip flopped, most of those people have an attention span of like 5 minutes.

Tea Party:
Taxes are the tool of the devil and homosexuals. Wait, how much is GE paying in taxes? Zero!!! That is fucking outrageous, they are a job creator, we better lower taxes some more for them. If we make taxes 0 then all the job creators will come back to America. No I don’t care that it doesn’t make sense, your logic and facts are no match for my irrational belief in my retarded ideas. And yes, before you ask, I genuinely believe that the math works because I am a product of American schools.

America, you need to wake the fuck up. You elect retards to govern you who look good on TV, are great at shitting on the other guy, and are great at shifting the blame but know very little about governing. Your entire election system is geared towards who can raise the most money, meaning your government is effectively for sale, since those with money will simply influence government to do what they want. How the fuck do you think that derivatives are unregulated when they can cause the IMPLOSION of the global financial system overnight. Money talks, solutions don’t matter, and unless you change this system you are all fucked because you will continue to have people governing you that are more concerned with getting their next term than they are actually fixing anything. I mean how fucking retarded is it to have government take a pause every 2 years so these assclowns can fund raise to lie to you from a bigger soapbox.

While this is written to be offense and humorous, I suggest you take a minute and think about it. I’d love to hear comments and will answer all rational arguments made.


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