Reminders to myself

These are the rules I have come up with that are designed to help me address what I feel things that are either causing losses, or address behavior I feel is not constructive to maximize my time with the market. I am going to try posting them at my terminal and reading them during the day. I will keep this post updated if any of these change.

Do not:

-Revenge trade – stocks and the markets are only out to take your money.

-Overtrade – the market move happens when it happens.

-Let a winning trade become a loser

-Be inactive; always gather and interpret information


-the market doesn’t have to do anything

-don’t be blinded by bias – trade what the market gives you

-no plan = no trade; define risk

-if then statements – evaluate the plan constantly

-you can always re-enter the trade

-avoid giving back gains

-it is o.k. to get a break

-hydrate and snack

-preparation creates success


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