May 2nd, 2011

I’ve got to get a political rant off my chest. Over the past week all the Canadian political parties have kicked off their campaigns on issues from military spending, to fitness tax credits, to how to fund the Canadian Pension Plan, how much to tax Canada’s corporations. I feel as though the majority of the Canadian Youth feel the same way I do, which is to say: No one appeals to me. I don’t like the way Stephen Harper has operated the government and passed legislation behind closed doors. I also don’t want Michael Ignatieff or Jack Layton running our country (Note: I don’t count the Green or Bloc as real parties). When was the last time we’ve had a political leader that inspired confidence in voters and actually made 50% of the country take less time than they spend in a Tim Horton’s drive-through to vote.

The most annoying thing of this entire process, besides being yet another waste of billions of dollars considering in all likelihood we will be electing the exact same government, is the voter sentiment that you continue to hear that “Stephen Harper” is to blame for this, for that. This is the same mentality of voters who will continue to spew the same bullshit every time we have an election, what every 1.5 years now? As well, I’m tired of elections where the opposition criticizes the incumbent and a battle ensues of who can slander each other’s policies, while not developing to revealing the truth of their own.

What elections truly bring are another month of self-pity parties for Canadian’s across the country. I can’t get a job, I can’t believe that gas costs this much, I can’t afford to buy 15 bags of Doritos a day anymore because corn prices are too high. The only complaint that may be worse is “I can’t afford cigarettes” anymore. This to me is one of the more frustrating parts of an election as the individual is focused on themselves and not the broad issues that affect the direction our country is taking.

Canadian’s need to stop blaming the Federal Government, be it blue, red, or orange, for their problems. You can’t get a job? Do something to make yourself more appealing to employers. You live in a country rich with natural resources with industry focusing on mining, manufacturing, and agriculture. The Federal Government didn’t force you to get a degree in 15th Century Poetry, they simply paid for you to have the right to make that decision yourself.

So here goes the most important variable in this year’s election: the Youth Vote. You, like I have to realize, what is going on in politics right now is OUR BURDEN. The target demographics are the older voters, but who is going to be footing that bill? Some parties plan to tax, some plan to spend more than others, oh and then there is the massive elephant sitting on our printing presses called the deficit.

Over the next month, TJWP and myself will try to be as unprejudiced as possible when we breakdown the issues and how they will impact the young generations of Canada. In most cases we will try to counter-balance each other as we have over many a bottle of whisky, realizing we differentiate on most topics, but aren’t blinded by hate and the media to acknowledge the strengths in every party’s policy.

So please if you are looking for analysis on every party, please follow myself (@kedzilla) and TJWP (@TimWolfgang) on twitter and check this website for updates.


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