Additions for tomorrow

These are setups which I will be adding to my alert list for tomorrow. I would like to reiterate that these are day trading setups. You may find some longer term breakouts in these charts but I am not looking at the stocks on that time frame.

Again, the way I trade these is by throwing alerts on the stocks near these levels and then focusing on stocks with news, unusual volume… etc. These are not meant to provide you with a list to trade intraday, simply a list to generate a couple of high probability trades a week. This is the reason I focus on breakouts/breakdowns: the r/r is clear, and you know right away if it is working or not.

BSX – Long above 7.35

CMS – Long above 19.40

NHP – Long above 41.40

PAY – Long above 56

PCS – Long above 16

CFN – Long above 28.35

PBI – Long above 25.30

SOA – Long above 25.75

AAV – Long above 9.23

YOKU – Long above 52.80

BLC – Long above 8.80

ANW – Long above 8.24 / Short below 8.10 (depending on your bias)

BKS – Short below 9.55

HGG – Short below 13.15 (13 for a conservative entry)

JKS – Long above 27.20

LKD – Long above 11.98

NOK – Long above 8.80

Disclaimer: If you execute trades based on this you deserve to lose money – do your own due diligence.

Now for all of you used to that mainstream club garbage they call hip hop now, here is some real lyrical wordsmithery.


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