Here are some more setups I will be watching next week. In addition to this, I will throw some more on the blog tomorrow morning.

LIZ – Long above 5.60

DEI – Long on a retest of 18.80

SJM – Long above 72.80 (thin)

F – Long above 15.35

IBN – Long above 48.65

SCS – Long above 11

MCP – Long above 56.80

OMN – Long above 8

AG – Long above 20.50

Also I just wanted to say a few words on Japan. There is a lot of talk how long term this could be beneficial to Japan. Please do not be fooled, the suffering, destruction and radioactive fallout will haunt Japan for decades. Contrary to common belief, printing money does NOT increase your net well being as a society. Always keep in mind who is providing this analysis, and what possible motive they could have to talking up Japanese prospects.


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