Daytrader setups – developing

Here are some of the intraday setups I will be watching for next week. I am trying to primarily trade breakouts/breakdown and the followups of these moves where intraday levels are easy to identify. I always close these positions by days end, and it is unusual for me to hold them for more than an hour or two. I just throw alerts on these which I run all week (or until the setup is ruined) and just pull up the ticker when it trades within 5-20 cents of the level I have identified. This allows me to trade news/daily developments while occasionally taking a planned out trade and gives me a nice list to work off for the week. You may notice these are all NYSE tickers, as this is the market I am registered on.

Sorry for not posting any charts, I will try to post some of the best ones later on. I haven’t found an easy way to post to this blog yet other than individually uploading (a pain in the ass) and uploading a gallery (a pain for readers as they have to click through).

These are the setups with entry points/levels of interest. I have included targets for charts where there are probable shorter term levels of resistance.

ACN – Long above 54.60 tgt1: 54.90 tgt2: 55.35

BMY – Long above 28.00

HUN – Long above 18.00 tgt1: 18.20

DRI – Short below 45.50 (45 conservative) tgt1: 44.40 tgt2: 44

SRX – Long above 28.30

BC – Long above 25.50

IMAX – Long above 32

IPG – Long above 12.20 (12.25 conservative) tgt1: 12.42 tgt2: 12.60

SFD – Long above 24.85

WTW – Long above 65.60 (thin stock)

SRZ – Long above 12.30

DHX – Long above 16.25

ELN – Long above 7.25

GLW – Short below 21.20 (Overbought)

SHW – Short below 83.65 (Overbought)

KKD – Long above 6.70

CIT – Short below 41.35

IVN – Short below 27.20

PXP – Long above 36.60

DDR – Long above 14.09

More to come later on. Thanks for reading, feedback appreciated!




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